Maximising Economic Partnership (MEP) Press Release

orange-mepLeicester and Leicestershire’s Community Organisations on route to tackle social and economic exclusion together

Community partnership Maximising Economic Potential Project (MEP) has made it to the second round of applications for £5.2million of National Lottery funding, and received £50,000 to start tackling social and economic exclusion.

MEP is a partnership of eleven Leicester and Leicestershire community organisations working collaboratively to provide a wide range of employment-related services to help individuals who are furthest from the labour market to find and retain work. Partners include charities and community groups specializing in age, disability, homelessness, and cultural support. This development funding will allow MEP to develop an application for a Building Better Opportunities project. If successful, the bid would bring up to £5.2 million of funding from the Big Lottery Fund and the European Social Fund to Leicester and Leicestershire, to tackle the root causes of poverty, promote social inclusion and drive local jobs and growth.

Priya Thamotheram, Chair of the MEP Project Board said: Highfields Centre and its MEP partners are absolutely delighted to have been awarded this Big Lottery development funding, which will enable us to fully consider and prepare for the major employment related services to be provided in Leicester and Leicestershire.

Martin Buchanan, Chief Executive, E2 (Cooke E-Learning Foundation) stated that: ‘This is fantastic news for the disadvantaged communities we work with and for people who are socially excluded in Leicester and Leicestershire that are furthest away from the labour markets. If we are successful in gaining this funding, we will be able to help people with complex needs to improve their job search and interview skills as well as identify voluntary opportunities to help increase participant’s confidence and skills’.

We are now trading as E2

Cooke to E2 InfographicThe Cooke E-Learning Foundation with support from De Montfort University has developed a brand new name and logo to take us forward into the future. Our new brand 'E2' is the result of an extensive consultation with our users, partners, stakeholders and staff/volunteers. We carried out research into what our services mean to people and we selected E2 with the tagline 'Empowering Through Education'. Although we will still be officially known as the Cooke E-Learning Foundation for legal purposes we will be adopting our new trading name for everything else.

Strike Out - Alternative Education

Strike Out Poster compressedThe Cooke E-Learning Foundation have been helping students from across Leicester and Leicestershire to gain experience, skills, and qualifications to enable them to strike out into the world of work and education.

One of our key aspects of our provision is the personal, social and health education we offer for example our recent work with Leicester's Knife Crime Project saw our students take part in a documentary which is currently being used in schools and colleges to help prevent the rising tide of knife crime.

If you work with offsite students or need a placement for a student we can help. Our qualifications are measurable on Progress 8 and will, therefore, help contribute to your school's outcome targets.

From September 2017, we will be expanding our existing qualifications offer to include hospitality & catering and travel & tourism.


Please share! Erasmus placements from Spain

Please share!Manuel  Jorge

For the last two years we have taken two Spanish students as part of the Erasmus scheme on 3-month placements. The young people we have received so far have been extremely helpful, professional and good all-around workers who have really contributed to our organisation and the local community. This has taken little or no effort to manage and organise and the students with support from their teachers have organised everything. All that is required from me is to allocate them staff members to work with and sign a couple of documents.
The school we are working with have been placing a couple of students here, in Brighton and in Peterborough. However, one of these providers is now closing and the school has asked if any of our partners would be interested next year.
So far my experience has been that the students speak good English, are proficient at their roles and are eager to learn. Some of you may already have contacts with organisations on the Erasmus scheme. However, if you are interested and would like to know how to go about it, I will be more than happy to discuss this with you and provide the details of the organisation we work with.
 The types of roles they are looking to fill are:
  • Technical - Website, I.T. Computer hardware/software/programming
  • Business Administration

Meet our new Erasmus placements from Spain

Manuel  JorgeThe Cooke E-Learning Foundation are working with their European partners, Ies Abastos in Valencia, Spain, in providing work experience for two of their students who have come to the United Kingdom on the ERASMUS scheme. They will be working with us for three months to gain more experience in computers/networks and teaching. Manuel and Jorge are final year University students who are keen to work in the I.T. and teaching sectors. Manuel said, “he has enjoyed his placement at The Cooke E-Learning Foundation so far because he has been able to work with new people as well as fix computers and install operating systems”. He also stated, “I am very pleased that the Cooke E-Learning Foundation offered me a position to work alongside tutors on their Strike Out project which teaches children vocational education in catering and functional skills”. Strike Out is the charity’s alternative education project that works with behaviorally challenged young people from across Leicester. Jorge said “he enjoys coming to Cooke E-Learning because no day is the same as there are new issues/problems every day in the charity’s IT classrooms. “Since coming to Cooke I am becoming more independent and confident learning new skills and valuable work experience.

Moneywise Plus


The Cooke E-Learning Foundation is a delivery partner for Moneywise Plus.

As a part of the 2014-2020 European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme in England Moneywise Plus has received funding until December 2019 from Big Lottery Fund and the European Social Fund to deliver a project that sets out to improve the on-going digital and financial skills of individuals in Leicester and Leicestershire to support them in moving towards employment, education or training.

The aims of the project are to ensure that participants have:

Increased financial confidence and greater capacity to manage their daily budgets - making the most of their money, opening a bank account, mobile/internet banking, and maximising income e.g. utility switching.

Increased digital confidence – applying for jobs online, using the internet safely, staying in touch with family and friends, accessing online services, and using pc's, tablets and mobile devices. Increased levels of confidence and reduced isolation.

This will be done through:

  • Outreach sessions at dedicated venues across Leicester and Leicestershire
  • Financial and digital group workshops
  • One to one adviser support
  • Opportunities for volunteering

To be eligible for the project participants cannot be in paid work of any kind (supporting evidence will be required).

The Cooke E-Learning Foundation role in the project will be to coordinate digital delivery and deliver digital taster and digital skills sessions. To contact us about digital skills sessions/taster sessions please call 0116 2128491 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you would like to refer yourself or if you are an organisation please refer directly to our website www.moneywiseplus.co.uk or call us on 0300 003 7004.

BBO grantholder lock up FINAL



Building a Better Beaumont Leys

Building a Better Beaumont LeysThe Cooke E-Learning Foundation are excited to announce a brand new initiative in Beaumont Leys to help develop new community groups in the area. The initiative is a partnership between De Montfort University's Square Mile, Beaumont Lodge Neighbourhood Association CIO, Sure Start, UR Choice Young People's Project and ourselves.

We aim to help seed-fund a minimum of ten new community groups in the Beaumont Leys area thanks to the support of De Montfort University's Square Mile who are providing the funding, developmental support, and other assistance to make this initiative happen.  

Beaumont Leys is a disadvantaged ward with very few community groups operating in the area when compared to other wards. We envisage that this initiative will be a stepping-stone for groups who struggle to find money, free-space and support to get themselves going. We aim to develop groups so they are ready for further funding and are able to help more local residents of Beaumont Leys.

Halloween Event

Halloween posterBeaumont Lodge Neighbourhood Association CIO in partnership with the Cooke E-Learning Foundation presents a Halloween Party on the 28th of October for children and parents. 

Ghost, goblins, witches, and monsters are welcome to our event as are real people in scary costumes. 

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm 

Food and refreshments are included in the ticket price of £3

Children under 7 years old must be accompanied by an adult.




Families Learning Together Project

DSCN1876-OptimizedThe Cooke E-Learning Foundation have started a brand new Families Learning Together Project in Beaumont Leys, Leicester. The project will continue in through to June 2017.  

The Families Learning Together Project aims to bring together parents and their children to work on the basics of healthy eating, preventing food waste and saving money on shopping bills.

The project offers after school and holiday activities centred on food-related activities. 


As can be seen in the photos (on the left) participants of the project get stuck-in with preparing and cooking a variety of different cuisines which they get to eat afterwards. 

The project is completely free for participants. However, we do have a waiting list at the moment and parents are advised to contact us as soon as possible to secure their places.

There are no age limits. However, we suggest that children must be tall enough to reach standard worktops while preparing and cooking food. Parents must accompany their children. 

SAM 2387-Optimized

Feedback from parents and children of our project indicate that they enjoy working in our community kitchen learning how to prepare and cook foods that they have never tried before. For example, one parent said ‘this project is fantastic, and there should be more things like this going on in our area’  and one of the children stated that ‘this is the first time I have cooked with mum’ and ‘the best bit is eating what we make’.  

Call 0116 2128491 to book your place.

Big Lottery

MoneyWise Plus to go live thanks to £1.9 million funding award

RP  LotteryThe Cooke E-Learning Foundation are excited to be part of a £1.9 million project as part of the Reaching People Consortium. The project is partly funded by the Big Lottery Fund and the European Social Fund. 

The MoneyWise Plus project is a brand new project that will support over 1000 people to develop their financial and digital capability to improve their economic potential and access to online services. The project builds upon the previous MoneyWise project that focused on financial capability by adding support for the development of digital skills of participants.

The Cooke E-Learning Foundation bring their wealth of experience and existing networks in relation to digital skill development to the project ensuring that participants can overcome some of their barriers and participate fully in our digital world.

The Cooke E-Learning Foundation are seeking volunteers to help roll-out digital skills training sessions across Leicester and Leicestershire. If you or anyone you know has four hours or more per week available to help beginners learn the basics of computers and the internet we offer all the training you need as well as on-going support and a generous travel allowance. Please contact Martin or Rakesh on 0116 2128491.    

Beaumont Lodge's Summer Fun Day 2016

HP0139-OptimizedWOW! Its that time of year again when Beaumont Lodge Neighbourhood Association CIO will be putting on their annual Summer Fun Day. This year is going to be massive with more activities, more fun and hopefully good weather. As usual Cooke E-Learning will be supporting this event with volunteers and some of the behind-the-scene stuff.

There is no need to take the kids on an expensive day trip on Saturday 13th August as we have it all going on at Beaumont Lodge. The event is supported by Leicester City Council and De Montfort University's 'Square Mile'. 

Please share this with all your friends and family and we look forward to seeing you at the event! For more information about the event please call Barbara on 0116 2351111 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Summer Cycle Project 2016

BMX OPT 2016The Cooke E-Learning Foundation in partnership with Leicestershire Police and Leicester City Council have organised a BMX event at Beaumont Park in Beaumont Leys, Leicester. The event featured the Huncote Hornets BMX Racing Club Team who put on displays throughout the event. Other attendees at the event were the Ambulance Service, representatives from Beaumont Leys School as well as local councillors', Paul Westley and Sue Waddington. The Cooke E-Learning Foundation was also in attendance at the event and were instrumental in obtaining a small amount of money from Leicester City Council in order to provide free cycle health checks and carry out minor repairs on the bicycles of local children and adults. The Cooke E-Learning Foundation will also be offering a free cycle repair service to residents for the next 6 months at their venue: Beaumont Lodge Neighbourhood Centre.

Anyone interested in finding out more about our free cycle repair service should contact us on 0116 2128491 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Wanted: Digital Champions

Blue Digital ChampionDo you have the digital skills to help people with their first steps in digital technologies? Do you have the patience and people skills needed to help learners with the basics of using a computer? You don't need to be a computer scientist or programmer! We are looking for individuals who have time during the week to help small groups use our innovative learning software in order to develop their digital skills. We provide all the training you need as well as travel expenses. If this sounds like something you are interested in please get in touch ASAP.

Tel. 0116 2128491

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Beaumont Leys - Families Learning Together

Optimized-Slide1We have been funded by the Big Lottery to deliver a family Learning Project in Beaumont Leys. The project will enable parents and their children to cook and eat healthily together, grow their own vegetables and improve their digital skills.

The start date for the first session is the 19th of July 2016 if you are interested in getting involved please get in touch ASAP.

0116 2128491

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Leicestershire Cares Awards 2016

LeicsCares LogoThe Cooke E-Learning Foundation were a finalist in Leicestershire Cares Placement Provider of the Year Award. The annual event was held at City Hall and rewards volunteers and employers who help ex-offenders, homeless people and disadvantaged school pupils. 

Unfortunately the Cooke E-Learning Foundation were not the winners this year, however our congratulations go out to Bowmer & Kirkland who helped seven ex-offenders gain paid employment and won the Placement Provider of the Year Award. Well done!

MEP Consortium - Holistic Social Inclusion


Maximising Economic Potential (MEP) is an amalgamation of Leicester and Leicestershire community organisations  that have a long history of working together through joint projects, referrals and informal working arrangements to provide a wide range of employment related services and help for individuals (and especially, those who are furthest from the labour market) to find and retain work. The Cooke E-Learning Foundation are proud to be one of the partners in this exciting and progressive consortium.

Cllr Sue Waddington, for Beaumont Leys Ward and Leicester City Council’s Assistant Mayor with responsibility for Skills and Employment said: “I welcome the MEP partnership, which represents voluntary and community based organisations serving diverse communities and groups in Leicester and Leicestershire. One of the aims is to help those furthest from the labour market to find and retain employment. This requires a range of interventions and sustained support to enable people in danger of social and economic exclusion to gain the skills and self-confidence needed to seek employment. Such support is best delivered at a local level and organisations like Cooke E learning, which is based in my own ward of Beaumont Leys are in a good position to do this. The MEP will enable expertise from the member organisations to be shared to support vulnerable communities.”

 Watch this space for news and updates regarding the consortium's work!

Reaching People Consortium

RP Logo 2Reaching People bring together frontline delivery partners from the voluntary and community sector in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Working together we develop and provide high quality contract delivery, business and funding opportunities in fields that include health and well-being, homelessness, advice and guidance, education and training and community services.

The Cooke E-Learning Foundation is proud to a partner in the Reaching People Consortium and look forward to delivering innovative solutions and projects with disadvantaged communities accross Leicestershire.

ERASMUS Placements from Spain

CarlosYosu Mendoza and Carlos Esteve are two 18 year old students from Valencia, Spain who are on placement with us as IT technicians for 3 months. They have recently received a certificate from City and Guilds for achieving an Entry level 3 award and certificates for IT users for completing online basics of IT. This is the first time that these students have been to the UK and so far have been doing really well with their English, quality of work and their communication skills. Carlos said, “My experience here can be summed up in two words, ‘new adventure’, because I never travelled anywhere and because I needed to try new things by myself. But I had a lot of luck to find a friendly family to live and a nice place to work”. 


Yosu said, “For me it’s a great opportunity to be here, to be able to work with one of the things I like more, the computers and all the IT related things. I like this place, the work environment, the installations, the people whose surrounding me. I really appreciate this opportunity”

 Carlos and Yosu are here on the EU’s Erasmus programme which supports education, training, youth and sport in Europe. It provides opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain experience, and volunteers abroad.

Bethany Wallace - Community Tutor

BethBeth has been working with us for over 2 years now and has really helped the organisation as a Community Tutor. Her main role is teaching skills for employment and further learning to student of the Strike Out project. As well as teaching students, she has also helps organising events, identifying funding and delivering project for children, young people and families.  

Beth said, “I have worked in the youth sector for several years, I wanted a change of position to help young people on more regular basis in order to try and encourage them to stay in education. Working at Cooke has helped me in many ways by giving me a stable career and has also enabled me to return to studies and gain more qualifications and experiences expanding my personal profile, skills and experience”.

The KS4 students that Beth teaches are young people with challenging behaviour. Beth has a great deal of patience, tolerance and the skills that enable her to use a wide variety of approaches depending on the situation.

Beth consistently builds positive relationships with all students, however they are always aware of the boundaries and if they overreach or cross them Beth uses her skills and experience to turn their behaviour around and channel it in a better way.

Beth says, “I enjoy the daily challenges that we are faced with. Advising young people and encouraging them to make the right choices. The best thing about working here is seeing young people progress and achieve the goals they have set themselves”.


Beaumont Lodge Neighbourhood Centre - Community Cafe

Meet Liam Allen and Kamran Khan who are volunteers at the brand new community café at Community cafeBeaumont Lodge Neighbourhood Centre.

The community café will soon be open to the public and will offer refreshments, freshly baked products as well as hot and cold menu items. The community café was funded by the Big Lottery - Awards for All who helped Beaumont Lodge Neighbourhood CIC get all the equipment and training needed to run the café. Liam and Kamran continue to volunteer their time to try out and experiment with various products and offers on visitors and members of Beaumont Lodge Neighbourhood Centre.

Big Lottery

The Cooke E-Learning Foundation are supporting the community café through assistance with implementing processes and procedures as well as supplying freshly baked products through their Strike Out project which works with young people across the city who are marginalised from education. The community café will soon be announcing the official opening once they have their food hygiene rating. Watch this space!


Cooke E-Learning Foundation's 10th Anniversary

The Cooke E-Learning Foundation celebrated 10 years of helping disadvantaged communities in Leicester to 'Bridge the Digital Divide'. In that time we have delivered over 10,000 training sessions under the leadership of Peter Smith who is now AN 2retiring from the CEO position. The charity has delivered courses for young people and adults in computer skills, ESOL and catering related subjects as well as helping hundreds of volunteers to gain valuable work experience. The staff and volunteers of the Cooke E-Learning Foundation took this opportunity to thank Peter for all his work and determination over the last decade and the Board of Trustees welcomes him in his new role as Vice Chair/Treasurer.

AN 1During the event Councillor Sue Waddington praised Peter smith and presented him with an award for service and dedication to the charity and the communities it serves. The New CEO: Martin Buchanan, who has worked with Peter for the last 8 years said during the event, 'I'm looking forward to taking on the challenge of leading a progressive organisation and ensuring that we continue to make an impact in Leicester and beyond over the next 10 years'.  

Start Something New - Staying healthy

Untitled-1For three weeks through February, Cooke Training Services will be holding events and computer sessions based around getting healthy and keeping fit. So whether you just want to keep active or simply feel good about yourself, why not come along and try some of our health events before you commit to the real thing? 

Sign up to www.learnmyway.com using the centre code: 3454129

Log in and take part in “Staying Healthy with NHS choices”. More information about events will be tweeted in February.


Well done to the following learners:

Well done to the following learners for recently achieving NOCN qualifications in English and Maths:

  • Meghavi Aghera - Maths Level 1, English Entry Level 3
  • Harsh Panchal - English Level 1
  • Mohsin Mahommed - English Level 2
  • Amanda Smith - Maths Level 2, English Level 1
  • Peter Hookway - English Entry Level 3
  • Mandy West - English Entry Level 3
  • Paramjit Singh Nagi - English Level 1 

And a further well done to the following for completing a period of study and achieving:

  • Paramjit Singh Nagi - Aim Awards Level 1 Certificate in Progression (QCF)
  • Peter Hookway - Aim Awards Level 1 Award in Progression (QCF)


Lord Mayor of Leicester Congratulates Chris Frank

chris-OptimizedChris Frank has been nominated to be given an award at the 'Thank You to Volunteers' event hosted by the Lord Mayor of Leicester, his most Worshipful, Mustafa Kamal for being a valuable volunteer at Cooke Training Services. Chris is an individual who takes great pride in providing a great learning experience for our learners.

Here at Cooke Training Services we offer classes such as IT For Beginners as well as a CV Workshop both of which Chris is involved in supporting.

The IT For Beginners in session includes the following:

- How to use a Keyboard and Mouse
- How to search and explore the Internet
- How to keep in touch with Email
- How to stay safe Online

There is a certificate upon successful completion

The CV Workshop Session includes the following:

- What to include
- Focus on correct layout
- Ensuring content sells the individual 
- Amending a CV to a specific job role

Congratulations Epiphania Pawandiwa

Epip-OptimizedEpiphania Pawandiwa is a BSc Computer Science student at De Montfort University; she was awarded the 'Computer Engineering & Cyber Security Prize for Best Placement Student' upon successfully completing her placement.

She was on placement for the year (2012) here at Cooke-e-Learning Foundation, acting as IT technician; assessing, repairing and upgrading computers for Cooke Computers. She developed her computer skills, as well as her people skills through customer sales and queries, community outreach projects, and the supervision of volunteers.

Manager of Cooke Computers; Martin Buchanan commended her as an attentive individual that's shown great initiative, and been "a real pleasure to work with, demonstrating an ability to handle tasks no matter how complex and to high standard, she is a real credit to the Computer Science Division, and i have no doubts that Epi will be extremely successful in whatever career choices she chooses".

Congratulations to our learners

We congratulate the following learners for achieving their National Open College Network (NOCN) qualification in either Mathematics or English:

  • Jenny Dolby in Mathematics - Level 2
  • Kyle Darlison in Mathematics - Entry Level 3
  • Pamela Griffth in Mathematics - Level 2
  • Elliott Watson in Mathematics - Level 1
  • Elliott Watson in English - Entry Level 3
  • Mandy West in English - Entry Level 2
  • Peter Hookway in English - Entry Level 2

All of the above have worked tirelessly to achieve Key Skills in English and mathematics.

They have successfully completed assignments and tasks to the levels indicated and worked to a standard over and above that expected. 

Congratulations to Luke Pepper in achieving his PTLLS level 3

Luke Pepper has been awarded 'Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector' (PTLLS) qualification, awarded by City & Guilds.

Luke is currently a BSc Computing student at De Montfort University; Luke is currently on his undergraduate placement here at the Cooke e-Learning Foundation.

In his yearlong placement as an IT technician, he has developed his skills in computer hardware and software, diagnosing, repairing and upgrading computer systems and networks for the charity. Alongside his principal duties, he undertook and successfully completed a five week PTLLS course where he developed his teaching skills; including a micro-teaching session, where he taught a class of eight.

Cooke e-Learning offers opportunities for those looking for a placement, providing practical work experience and training for individuals. The charity has numerous projects, giving placements an invaluable opportunity for personal development and growth.  We help our placements to develop their technical ability as well as gaining new skills in areas such as, community development, administration, project coordination and teaching. 

For more information contact 0116 2128491.

Festival of Archaeology 2013


As part of the Festival of Archaeology 2013, we hosted an ‘Introduction to the Archaeology of Castle Hill Country Park’ at the Beaumont Lodge Neighbourhood Association on Friday 26 July 2013, from 10am – 6pm.

The Castle Hill site is situated in the Beaumont Leys area, along with various buildings of historical importance, medieval earthworks and a listed monument; the possible remains of a preceptory (monastery house of the Knights Hospitallers). Castle Hill has attracted numerous archaeological enthusiasts over the years, however, the history of the site, remain far from clear.

The Cooke e-Learning Foundation and Beaumont Lodge Neighbourhood Association teamed up with the Council for British Archaeology and Leicester City Council to coordinate the event, giving the opportunity for individuals to investigate and uncover the rich heritage of Beaumont Leys, Leicester. There was an opportunity on the day to explore the Castle Hill monument and sign-up to a future community dig aimed at illuminating the history of the site further

On the day there was a fascinating range of events, tours, talks and guides from the country’s archaeological experts including Peter Ball from the South Witham Archaeological Group. Whether young or old, enthusiast or beginner, there was something for everyone.

For more information please get in touch on 0116 212 8491 or 0116 235 1111.

Liz Kendall visits Community Garden Project

Liz Kendall

Liz Kendall (MP) visits our partner Beaumont Lodge Neighbourhood Association to kick-start a community vegetable garden project.

Liz Kendall (MP) as part of her community walkabout in Beaumont Leys, Leicester, visited Beaumont Lodge Neighbourhood Association (BLNA), Friday 28th June 2013 to help kick-start a community vegetable garden project.

With the help of Cooke Training Services running an accredited Gardening Course, BLNA has developed the project to encourage active community involvement in the area and provide free food for the community. Volunteer members cultivate and grow fresh fruit and vegetables, in effect bringing people together, and encouraging a healthy and sustainable living.

Liz Kendall (MP) along with Councillors Paul Westley and Vi Dempster were welcomed by acting chair of Beaumont Lodge; Martin Buchanan, and other community members.

Proceeding outside to the grounds, they discussed the project with a number of community members and were presented with the work they have undertaken so far. Liz was invited to join the members with some planting; potting a tomato plant which was named after her.

Liz Kendall (MP) ended her visit with thanks, and requested to be kept in the loop with developments of the project; demonstrating a mutual interest for community development in the Beaumont Leys area.

City & Guilds Awards

City & Guilds

Congratulations to Peter Hookway, Elliott Watson, David Tighe, and Bill Park for achieving their award in City & Guilds Entry Level 3 for IT Users.

The four students participated in the course to expand their experience and confidence in IT, successfully completing the Online Basics module, gaining a City & Guilds certificate.

If you would like to do this course, please contact us on:

0116 212 8491 or e-mail us directly at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Current Courses

currentcoursesCooke Training Services offers a wide range of courses for various age groups and skill levels. If you would like to know more about courses we offer and what we are planning to do in the future, please go to the "Courses" page on the our website.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on:

0116 212 8491 or e-mail us directly at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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